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Medical Office Operation Policies and Procedures
Practice Operation and Management
bullet $350 - Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual
bullet $350 - Medical Office Operation Policies and Procedures

Medical Office Operation Policies and Procedures

This manual of Medical Office Operation Policies and Procedures is designed for ease of application within your practice. It includes the procedures you will need to become and remain compliant with the Medicare Compliance Plan.

This easy to use and comprehensive manual provides for consistent and quick training of new employees and provides an excellent tool to broaden the skills and knowledge of all employees. 

This manual when combined with the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual created by Practice and Liability Consultants of San Francisco provides all the tools a physician needs in establishing a new practice. 

Procedures in this manual include:

  • Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation

  • Arbitration Guidelines

  • Brace Ordering

  • Care Plan Oversight Guide

  • Cell Phone Notice

  • Charts Dos and Donts

  • Collection Procedure

  • Collections Process

  • Continuing Education Reimbursement

  • Disability Form Instructions

  • Employee Performance Counseling

  • Employment Interviewing

  • End of Day Closing

  • Filing Transcription

  • Financial Policy Statement

  • HMO Info

  • Medical Examination

  • Medical Record Processing

  • New Patient Questionnaire

  • Patient Check in

  • Patient Check out

  • Patient Injections

  • Patient Exam Follow-up

  • Patient Exam Post Op

  • Posting Charges & Payment

  • Posting Credit Card Payments

  • Posting Hospital Charges

  • Pulling and managing Charts

  • Request for days off

  • RFPs

  • Sexual Harassment Policy

  • Surgery Scheduling

  • Telephone Handling

  • Using a Collection Agency

  • Selecting a Billing Service

  • Withdrawing Patient Care

  • Managing the billing process

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